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Drummunication A Transformational Experience 
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Idris hails from Jackson, Michigan. A small town seventy
Miles west of the Motor City, Detroit, Michigan, home of the 
Internationally Famous Hitsville USA, Motown Records. 
He begin displaying a high interest in many things at a young age.
One of the High interests would be the “Art of Music” being the most fascinating, especially drumming. 
He then started performing and entertaining as a Drummer and Percussionist at the early age of eight years of age. Idris’s music education starting with Elementary School, Junior High School, High School, and College. 
He performed with Marching Bands, Concert Bands, Orchestras, Jazz Bands, and Churches. 
He than changed to performing and entertaining with various styles of music in Bands, Rock & Roll, Rhythm & Blues, Blues, Funk, Jazz and Latin, and Fusion cross overs. All styles of music he has performed, and has entertained persons with many professional local and traveling groups, throughout the country. 
He ha s performed with such entertainers as the musical singing group “The Spinners”, organist Charles Earland, guitarist Grant Green, trumpeter Freddie Hubbard, Saxophonist Eddie Harris, B.B, King, Meryl Saunders, Morning Star Band, Black Metamorphosis, Habari, Ron Shaull Shakedown, 100% Groove, Polyester Express, Insight, Santana, musical group Manhattans, guitarist Lee Brown.

He has many Musical accomplishments throughout his career. One of his major accomplishments to and for himself to individuals and society as a whole in teaching a wide diverse group of people from many cultures, nationalities, countries, communities and families. “The Power of the Drums” and “Healing through Drums & Percussion” instructing persons to be able to care of themselves to become one with each other, keeping in mind that the healing has a community base. The outcome for the students has been overwhelming, with a positive response.

Some of his Drum & Percussion influences are, Mongo Santamaria, Eddie (Bongo) Brown, Ralph McDonald, Larry Washington, Pancho Sanchez, Karl Perazzo, Raul Rekow, Alex Acuna, Tito Puente, the Escovedas, Buddy Rich, Joe Morello, Art Blakley, Billy Cobham, Stix Hooper, Harvey Mason, Ed Thigpen, and Omar Hakim. Etc. He also has a love for composers/Arrangers, such as Quincy Jones, and Yanni. All the Jazz greats have had a positive influence on his performing style.
He is one of the Premier universal, complete percussionists, with a definite worldly style and sound of his own, with a natural burst of energy and a Joy.
His home base is Los Angeles, California.

Today his new ventures are many starting with, HealthRHYTHMS Group Empowerment Drumming Sessions. He is A HealthRHYTHMS facilitator. He is the founder of Drummunication Transformational Experience. Wellness and Healing Through Drums and Percussion.
Some of the recent aspect of Wellness and Healing projects. Are Performing at The World Festival of Sacred Music, Los Angeles, CA “Get Down on the Path” with the AGAPE International Choir, Sacred Songs: Prayer in celebration, Healing Drums at the Mahatma Ghandhi Humanitariian Award Ceremony. In honor of Dr. Mani Bhaumik, hosted by Sir Ben Kingsley, Beverly Hills, CA. Certificate of Recognition for bringing joy and lifting spirits, Amity Amistad Foundation, Los Angeles, Revelation 2006, 2007, 2008, 2010, and The AGAPE Music Symposium and Art Festival, and Drum Ministry, , City of Hope Cancer Research Center, Los Angeles Chidrens Circle, Celebration of Oneness. Freedom Awards California Network of Mental health Clients, Ellie Drake Braveheart, , In The Loving Corp, Baby In Bliss Music Director , Humanitarian Haiti drumming, Tribal Tours Drummunication Transformational Experience, Bali Indonesia,


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