Drummunication Affirmation
Remember: Our Pulse and Heartbeat connect Us, We create the Rhythm of Life, that Radiantly flows through the Universe, permeating Absolute Perfect Health, Wellness and Healing for Wholeness, reawakening Us to God, Ourselves and Others. 

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Known by many as the "Miracle Man" by overcoming his own "terminal" health issues, and many living life challenges. Idris is a true modern day Urban Shaman who's powerful workshops will leave you uplifted and transformed.

​Shamanic Angelic practitioner and drum-circle facilitator Idris Hester learned at an early age that he could tap into the pulse and heartbeat of the universe and use it to answer life’s deepest questions. He fully realized his place in the universe and the rich rhythm that coursed through every living thing. Th is sense of belonging and purpose helped him through the most difficult moments in his life. Hester knew that he had to lead others to the same sacred place. 
He does exactly that in his new guide to health and holistic wellness. Hester spent years developing 

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Drummunication: A Transformational Experience
A Revolution to the Evolution