Dear Idris,
You are a powerful healer, shaman and teacher and I wanted to thank you for sharing your gift of Life and Love with everyone in the class. Your teachings and your presence has had a profound effect on me and it's only been 2 classes! My practice and insights are accelerating and I just wanted to take this time to acknowledge your generous heart and profound wisdom.
I have been on this spiritual path for many years and you have definitely made a difference in my life.  
With deep gratitude and love,
aka Susan

The class last night was a great EXPERIENCE. I cannot thank you enough.
Best Regards, 
ATTNY: Kenneth A. Ziskin 

Thank YOU, brother. That was a beautiful experience. I look forward to our journey together!

Hi Idris,
 I need to let you know something, I love drumming! I am having an amazing experience in your class. Last night was INTENSE! Quite a bit of acceptance going on in my life. I had been looking for a drumming class for quite some time and I am so lucky to have found you through Agape.... I just wanted to say thanks.... but while I am here I would also like to offer myself to play at the performance in September as one of your star 20 drummers! Oy, the light of my star! What do you think? Hope you had a beautiful Tuesday. 

Hi Idris!!!
Thanks for your call checking in yesterday as well as all your wonderful emails. I feel you are watching out over all of us as we journey through the class. And what a journey it has been!! I have been wanting to take a drum class for a very, very long time and am so thrilled that I am in this class with you as the teacher/shaman and all the other students. Whew, I have been processing through many feelings this week - lots of release and letting go. It wasn't the most comfortable stuff to move through, but now I'm on the other side of it and it's great! I am just loving the drumming - for me it just moves right past the conscious mind, and right into the subconscious mind and the collective consciousness. Powerful, wonderful stuff.  
Thanks for all the wisdom and humor and guidance and caring that you bring as our teacher.
Love and Blessings,

Thank you for your kind encouragement at the drumming circle. I do enjoy drumming. It is fun to be with a group of enthusiasts and people of all levels of skill. Every once in a while, I pick up a rhythm that just rolls out of my hands. The therapeutic benefits are amazing. 
Will you please share some references of websites where I can gain more understanding of the applications of drumming to healing?
Have a great week. Thank you for your generous encouragement in the art class. 
Peace and blessings,
Jena Erwin

You are an amazing light in this world!  
Thank you! Ragan

Blessings and Light my Brother Idris
You are in great demand once again and it is my task to confirm your availability for our closing ceremony for the Season for nonviolence 
Mike Lattimore

Christine Stevens, Ub Drum - With years of experience at agape Idris Has created a powerful tool that combines spiritual practice and drumming I highly recommend it
With years of experience teaching internationally Idris has created a program that combines drumming and spiritual practice for everyone. I recommend it.

Michael B Beckwith, Founder - Agape International Author Spiritual Liberation & Life Visioning. It is my honor to say that a great instrument of healing and inspiration is in our midst. His name is Idris Hester. Through this instrument was birthed Drummunication a pathway of revelation, enthusiasm, and wholeness. For those who are fortunate enough to partake, Life will never be the same. Let the joy times roll!

Rickie Byars Beckwith, Director of Music - With Idris Hester, it all begins with the One and on the One. In DRUMMUNICATION as in life, Idris is a messenger/guide who shares how and why Rhythm is fundamental to living a balanced and joyful life. A journey with the one who aligns in this way will be fascinating -for sure and healing -for real.

Dafi Shanti, Intuitive LMFT – Author of Brain Surgeons Don’t Do Facelifts. For anyone ready and willing to open to this incredible transmission of light Idris will guide you through the journey of the soul and tap into or rather drum into your awareness the heart soul connection

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