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Drummunication A Transformational Experience  Drum Circles

Drummunication A Transformational Experience Drum Class
5 week Class                $199.99
Includes: Drummunication A Transformational Experience Textbook
                (GDH) Guided Drummeditation Healing
                DATE 15 Minute Phone Session
                DATE Certificate

DATE Wellness and Healing (Individual) Drum Session  1 Hour 30 Minutes

Drummunication A Transformational Experience Sessions

You Will Experience a Deepening of the I AM, Re-Energizing Self and anyone around you, 
Re-Moving Negative Stress, Negative thoughts, Having a Clearing for Clarity, Have Fun, 
To Experience Connecting to your Pulse and Heartbeat and of the Universe. As you Create the Rhythm of Life that Radiantly flows through the Universe, you will Permeate Absolute Perfect Health, Wellness and Healing, for Wholeness. Re-Awakening you to GOD, YOURSELF, and OTHERS. 

Healing Drum Session