The Healing Power of the Drum

Drumming is the Base the Root from which Drummunication Transformational Experience Healing Drum Circles come from. Drumming is a grounding tool.

Thus: Remembering this: Our Pulse and Heartbeat connect us. We create the Rhythm of Life that radiantly flows through the Universe, permeating absolute Perfect Health, Wellness, and Healing for Wholeness; and re-awakening us to Spirit, Ourselves, and Others.

Drumming enhances the Individual, Family and Community Leadership and Civic Engagement

Music is incredibly powerful. When music comes from beating a Drum, it has the power to transform, inspire, move and motivate and improve one’s health and sense of Well-Being.

All of life has a Pulse and Heartbeat. How amazing it is to know that every culture, race, ethnic group on this planet has drums. Initiations and Awakenings begin with baby’s everywhere seeing, hearing, playing drums, feeling the Pulse, there pulse, and everyone’s pulse as one. Feeling the Heartbeat, there Heartbeat, everyone’s Heartbeat .as one.
Please experience Drummunication Transformational Experience Healing Drum Circles. Using the pulse and heartbeat as the base and root consciousness, and grounding with affirmative, intentional words using the Drum, it brings about an indescribable life experience, something that cannot be measured, scaled or predicted.

For centuries people have used Drumming to release stress, raise their spirits, enhance clarity and focus, and develop a culture of co-operation and community. It is a powerful team building method. The Drumming Circle is designed to unify community spirit and energize individuals engaged in the Idris’s “ Drummunication Transformational Experience” Group Empowerment Drumming Sessions. Our Pulse and Heartbeat connect US. We create the Rhythm of Life that Radiantly flows through the Universe, Permeating Absolute Perfect Health, Wellness and Healing, for Wholeness, Re-Awakening US to Spirit, Ourselves, and Others.

Group drumming is not about inspiring successful drumming – it’s about inspiring successful living. Group drumming is not about exceptional performance – it’s about exceptional support and personal expression. Group drumming is not about teaching people to play – it’s about giving people permission to play. Group drumming best facilitators are not only talented musicians – they are caring, compassionate and intuitive guides. Group drumming is not about acquiring technique – it’s about sharing for the sake of personal EMPOWERMENT.

While group drumming has certainly survived the test of time, the scientific community is just beginning to develop a rudimentary understanding of the biological, psychological and sociological benefits of this multifaceted Recreational Music-making activity. A landmark controlled scientific investigation Bittman and colleagues, Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine, January 2001) demonstrated statistically significant positive cell-mediated immune system changes that correlated with one-hour group drumming sessions using the HealthRHYTHMS® group empowerment drumming protocol. This unique approach has been successfully utilized as a well-accepted, cost-effective strategy in a host of clinical outcome-based programs for individuals facing the challenges of heart disease, cancer, chronic lung disease and asthma. New research using the HealthRHYTHMS® group empowerment drumming protocol enhanced with the Yamaha Clavinova® demonstrated statistically significant reductions in burn-out and improvements in mood states for long-term care workers (Bittman and colleagues, Advances in Mind-Body Medicine, Fall/Winter, 2003). Projected cost-savings (by an independent healthcare economic impact firm) to the long-term care industry were actually exceeded by real-world findings.

When the word “Drum” is uttered, most people imagine a person sitting behind a Drum set crashing out rhythms while a band plays on. Until recently, the words “Drum” and “Transformation” would rarely have been used in the same sentence. Yet the humble relatively unknown hand Drum---not the aforementioned Drum set of smoky bar fame---is fast becoming an instrument used by people of every age for personal transformation, psychological and physiological healing, and creating community.

The use of the hand Drum in relationship to healing is certainly not new. The hand Drum has been used for thousands of years in celebration, rituals and ceremonies. However, the merging of science with the healing qualities of the hand Drum is a relatively new development. According to anecdotal reports and current research, the hand Drum and its rhythms have been instrumental in improving illnesses when medical science had few answers.

Hand Drums are come from around the globe that are not played with sticks, but which, as common sense would suggest, are played with one’s hands. These Drums represented by a plethora of countries and continents, include the African Djembe, South American Surdo and Pandieiro, the Middle eastern Doumbek, the Japanese Taiko Drum and the Irish Bodhran and frame Drum, along with many others.
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