[Drum-myoo-ni-ka-shun n]  noun
Definition: Communication using Drums and Percussion

Wellness & Healing Through
Drums and Percussion

Join us for this Ground Breaking Experience!

If you want to attain Perfect Health, Wholeness and Wellness, 
please join us for this EXTRAORDINARY Class!   Learn how to 
use the ancient Healing art of Drums and Percussion to reduce 
stress, heighten energy, express creativity more fully and 
experience a greater sense of Peace, Joy, Harmony, 
Love and Oneness with Spirit! 

Individual and Group Empowerment Drumming for stress 
reduction, heightened energy, and a greater sense of 
Peace, Joy, Harmony, Happiness, Oneness and a knowing
of Wellness. Experience who you are as you intuitively tune
into your own natural life’s rhythm, using your 
pulse and heartbeat!
Using HealthRHYTHMS Program

“OUR Pulse and Heartbeat connect US,  WE create the Rhythm of Life 
that Radiantly flows through the Universe, 
Eternally, Permeating Absolute Perfect Health, 
Wellness and Healing for Wholeness, Re-Awakening US to GOD, 
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