[Drum-myoo-ni-ka-shun n]  noun
Definition: Communication using Drums and Percussion

Wellness & Healing Through
Drums and Percussion

Join us for this Ground Breaking Experience!

If you want to attain Perfect Health, Wholeness and Wellness, please join us for this EXTRAORDINARY Class!   Learn how to use the ancient Healing art of Drums and Percussion to reduce stress, heighten energy, express creativity more fully and experience a greater sense of Peace, Joy, Harmony, Love and Oneness with Spirit! 

Individual and Group Empowerment Drumming for stress reduction, heightened energy, and a greater sense of Peace, Joy, Harmony, Happiness, Oneness and a knowing of Wellness. Experience who you are as you intuitively tune into your own natural life’s rhythm, using your pulse and heartbeat!
Using HealthRHYTHMS Program

“OUR Pulse and Heartbeat connect US,  WE create the Rhythm of Life that Radiantly flows through the Universe, Eternally, Permeating Absolute Perfect Health, Wellness and Healing for Wholeness, Re-Awakening US to GOD, OURSELVES, and OTHERS”.
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Drummunication A Transformational Experience
The Power of the Drum
Using the Drum for Wellness and Healing for
Individual & Group Empowerment 
A way of becoming One with oneself and the building of One community
5-week Curriculum

Week One: Introduction to DATE Wellness and Healing using Drums and Percussion session
Ancient Proverb “The longest Journey begins with the first step”
How to use this information “It is beneficial to practice Drumming regularly and develop a sense of connection that the Drum can impart between the inner you, your Spiritual potential, and the outer world.”

Week Two: Spirituality and the Drum “The world where there is nothing but the Spirit of all things, this is the real world that is behind this one, and everything that we see here is somehow a shadow from that world.”
John G. Neihardt
History of Cross Culture of the Drum “From North America to Siberia, Australia to Africa, China to Britain, wherever you travel on this majestic globe, the Drum is or has been used in Spiritual celebrations.”  

Week Three: Drumming Clears the Way “Hanta Yo means “clear the way.” Remove all that is blocking your way to the Spirit, inspirations, and creativity, have a clear route of expression.” 
The Spirit Within
Drumming with Prayer” The energy, focus, and, above all, the heightened consciousness of the people present in the Drum Circle is drawn together and can be directed toward healing, prayer, and gratitude.”
Meditation with Drumming “Every so often the Heart Says, 'Fill me' And this can cause great anguish if you don't know how. To me, the priority must be to listen, To listen to what the heart has to say. To listen to what this voice has to say to me.”
Maharaji, Reflections

Week Four: Power of the Drum in Today’s Times “Your children are not your children; they are the sons and daughters of life, longing for itself. You may give them your love, but not your thoughts. You may house their bodies, but not their souls. For their souls live in the house of tomorrow. For life goes not backwards nor tarries with yesterday. You are the bows from which your children As living arrows are sent forth.”
Kahlil Gibran
The Prophet
The Drum “A group is a wonderful way to learn, where you can gain confidence in your Drumming. When Drumming together, a connection with unity, and relationships will develop with others, as long as the ego is out of the way.”

Week Five: Cleansing, Blessing, Dedicating, and Caring for the Drum and
 to practice the self-healing powers of Drumming “Now that you have your drum, you will need to awaken the energetic relationship between the two of you.”  
Learning the Drum “Relax yourself and get in touch with your breath and your prayer. It may be easier if you close your eyes. Start by gently beating on your Drum.”

Final” This is a time for reflection. It is a time to look back at the past weeks, to see where you have come from to where you are in the present.”

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